"After spending 2 hours last year putting
up our tree, we had the tree up in 20
minutes and looked at each other like is
that it?! I'll recommend it to everyone that
gets a big tree.  It's a great product.  It
was worth every penny I paid for it!"
-Michelle, Linden, MI
"Second year we've had your tree stand...
We love it. No leans, leaks or creaks."
-Jim N. Ridgefield, CT
"We appreciate doing business with you
and your timely deliveries.  We look
forward to receiving your Christmas Tree
Stand for years to come!"
-Altum's Garden Center, Zionsville, IN
"After years of searching I found the
ultimate Christmas Tree Stand... The one
you make."
- Kenneth W. Cableskill, NY
"I'd like to thank you for introducing us to
your terrific tree stand.  We had a
tremendous response to them from
customers, and sales were as good as
you predicted."
-Hyannis Country Garden, Inc.
Hyannis, MA
"Finally we got our tree to stand without
spending an entire day on the process."
-Wendy K.
"My opinion is that it belongs in the
Permanent Design Collection of The
Museum of Modern Art (NY)."
-Jane F. Greendale, WI
"This is the first year we haven't had some
kind of trouble with the tree falling over."
-James S. Williamsburg, MI
"We ended up at Bordline's in Brighton
and bought your 10'' stand.  We are so
happy we're going to tell (and show) the
rest of our friends that cut larger trees
about your site and quality of your
-Will S. Radley EDI Product Manager
"The Stands sold GREAT! We definitely
want more next year."
-Euston Hardware, Inc., Prairie
Village, KS
"I bought one of your stands this year (the
largest) from Sexton's Christmas Trees.  I
love it.  Clearly it is a welder's delight and
probably developed by a boiler maker with
some time on his hands!...Thanks for a
delightful, useful, and safe product!"
-Stan D.
"Thanks for the great stands your stands
make it a lot easier to prepare a tree for
-Larry R.
I purchased the 6XTS model late last year
for the Christmas season and was
amazed on how easy it was to set the tree
up. Thanks again for making a quality
American made product.
This is my third year in a row buying 'the
last Christmas tree stand you'll ever buy!'  
This year I bought your stand from a local
hardware store and it worked
PERFECTLY. Everything is very solidly
made and it holds lots of water so we only
needed to water every 3 days. We love it
and it looks like it finally will be the last
Christmas tree stand we'll ever buy.
The Steeles                                2006
First off, I already have the stand and I
LOVE it. I bought it years ago when I lived
in Chicago. I wanted to invest in a stand
that was the best thing I could find. Most
stands are basically disposable. When I
saw yours I knew that my grandchildren
would be fighting over it long after I'm
gone. And I'm not even married yet.
Joe A.
I just picked up the stand and I can see
why it is once of the better rated stands
Steve S.
Thank you, I now am the proud owner of
the worlds most expensive xmas tree
stand, but its a beauty, the tree is up, and
my wife hasn't filed for divorce.
Stephen O.
Just wanted to drop you a line and say
thank you for making such and  great
product and making it in Michigan. I will
gladly pay for the  quality and
craftsmanship that can only be found in
the states.  Our old  wimpy tree stand
looked shaky when we got the tree up
and lucky for  us that Mary's Farm Market
carried your great stand.
Bryan &Kim                                2007
I can't thank you enough for your
wonderful product. It "stands" up to
everything you promised. It took about
five minutes to set up. Unfortunately,
our family had a tradition of bringing
several friends over every Christmas
to help put up our tree. It took three
grown men and many cocktails.
Needless to say, I didn't need any help
this year and I missed out on the
cocktails. Oh well, I'll take a straight
standing tree any day of the week.
Whitaker family, CA        2007
This is the second year I've used your
stand. This year, I figured out a faster
way to attach it. I put it on the tree
whilst the tree was horizontal, and lifted
the whole thing up, stand and tree
together, and placed it vertical. So
much easier than putting the tree in
the stand vertically. This thing will be
here when I'm gone, it is so sturdy.
Justin A , CT                        2007
** 2009
My first Christmas tree stand was purchased in
Mt. Pleasant , MI in 1974, the year I got married.  It
held up (sort of) until last year when several of
the legs became so bent no matter what I did the
tree would not stand secure.  For this year (2009)
I was determined to purchase the best tree stand
made---but it had to  made in the USA !  To my
delight I came across your product while
searching the Internet.  Having been raised in
Michigan (my Dad worked for GM/Chevy for 42
years) I was delighted to purchase your excellent
product knowing it would support the recession
stricken Michigan economy.  I love the design; the
color; the sturdy character and the simplicity of
set-up!  My 8 ft+ Noble Fir tree stands proudly in
my living room in Newtown Square, PA !  The
Bowling’s Last Stand is just that for me!  A great
product! Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Bowling Enterprises, Inc.
PO Box 457, Bear Lake, MI 49614
Toll Free: 888/556-4673        Fax: 231/864-2675